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Coaching Resources

High School Coach Requirements

The coaching requirements of all clubs for the 2016 Minnesota Youth Rugby Season include:

  • All coaches must be CIPP registered and ACTIVE as the role of a coach with USA Rugby
  • All coaches must submit proof of passing the CDC “Heads Up” Concussion certification
  • All coaches must submit proof of passing the USA Rugby Player Protection Package (included in USA Rugby registration)
  • All coaches are required to be background checked (included in USA Rugby registration)
  • All coaches must sign and submit the MYR Coaches Code of Conduct
  • All head coaches must attend the Annual Fall Coaches Meetings

Links and documents for the required items can be found below.

All required documents should be sent to the High School Commissioners at

Please note: It is strongly recommended that all head coaches are to have completed the USA Rugby Coach Development Program Level 200.  Registration of a Minnesota High School Coach under any other level (i.e. player, referee, or Eagle Supporter) does not satisfy the above requirements and requires filling out a dual registration form at Please see USA Rugby’s Coach Registration and Certification handout titled “The New American Rugby Coach”. 

Important Coaching Documents and Links

Steps for Recruitment through Rookie Rugby Outreach

Step 1: Contact your local PE Teachers (schools that feed into your program) either by email, phone, or meeting.  Feel free to use the letter below when initiating contact with schools and teachers.  Please add your own thoughts and information to the letter!  

Step 2: Once a relationship/communication with the school or teacher has been established, the club liaison or coach should contact, to inform MYR of the connection.  

Step 3: MYR will guide and support outreach efforts and maintaining the clubs relationship with the school.  

***The club is expected to be an active participant through the outreach process.  This will ensure a continued relationship with the schools and potential players, which will improve recruitment and retention.

Additional Coaching Resources


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