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2016 High School Match Reporting & Game Day Protocol

Locating Your Team Roster:

To locate your team roster and registered players to print:
2. Hover over the High School tab, and select the "Team Contacts/Pages" drop down item. 
3. Click on your team's page button.
4. Select the Roster button, which is located under your team name.  

Printable Match Report:

Match Reporting/Game Day Protocol:

Below is the full match reporting and game protocol we will be following for 2016.    
Prior to the Match:

1.   Once your referee assignment has been emailed to you, the home team must contact the referee by email (and/or phone) to confirm the match, match time, and location of the match.  An email or a voicemail is not considered confirmation.  Please confirm your match with the referee by Wednesday, 9:00 pm, of the week of the game for Saturday and Sunday matches.  Matches during the weekday should be confirmed a minimum of THREE (3) days prior to the match day by 9:00 pm.  Please exchange emergency numbers.  If the match is not confirmed with the assigned referee, please do not expect them to be there for the match. 
Please note: Due to the current weather situation and access to field space (pending cancellations) you may not receive your referee assignments until 2 days or 1 day prior to the match.  Your game will be covered.  Please contact Autumn Arvidson ( if you have questions or concerns.  We hope to resume standard protocol by the first week of conference matches, pending the weather allows us.   ‚Äč

2.   The home team must contract the services of an athletic trainer or qualified EMT. 

3.   Confirm match with opponent at minimum 3 days prior.  Team contacts can be found HERE.

4.   Please notify the High School Commissioners at of any changes prior to the match.
Match Day:
1.   All fields MUST be of proper size, with proper markings ( or Coaches Manual).  All fields must have restraining ropes 5 meters from the playing area.  If ropes are only on 1 side of the field, then both teams and spectators MUST stay on that side.  All goal posts MUST have padding.  If tri-pod soccer posts are used, they must be padded on ALL exposed bars.

2.   The home team MUST supply a match report posted above. Both teams MUST supply a printed Minnesota Youth Rugby roster list from and both teams MUST sign the match report verifying that those playing in the match at any time are registered.  All teams must also indicate their starting 15 players numbering (1-15) by the individuals names on the printed Minnesota Youth Rugby Roster list and indicate who your designated 8 substitutes will be for the match.  Also, please indicate/circle all front row capable players.  Substitution/replacement cards might be issued before the match by the referee, please fill out and hand to referee or assistant referee upon entering the field of play. Please make sure your referee has all of these documents.

3.  Both teams must provide capable touch judges (should not be coaches or players).  If suitable touch judges are not provided, the teams take full responsibility for the referees’ ability to adequately monitor this aspect of the game. 
Post Match:
1.   Home team report all divisional play scores including the number of tries for both teams, within 48 hours after the match to  Please make sure your referee has the Match Report and MYR Rosters.
2.   Administer suspensions or penalties resulting from send-offs or other disciplinary actions (be it to coaches or players).
3.   Both teams follow concussion protocol as outlined by MYR, USA Rugby, and the State of Minnesota. 


1.  BOTH teams send the names of your point scorers within 48 hours of the match.  i.e. John Smith 2 trys 1 conversion - 12 pts.  Please send to 
2.  Self-report scores and news stories to local newspapers, Minnesota Youth Rugby (put on our website), or online communications.